The End of an Era

The End of an Era | Bel-Air Fresheners

70 years ago (1952-ish) was the dawn of the modern air freshener, and 70 years in the rear view mirror later, not much has changed.

Bel-Air Fresheners Is Changing The Game

Car air fresheners don't have to stink....

Instead of continuing to be an afterthought after spilling a few sodas and losing a few gummy bears between the seats, Bel-Air Fresheners is elevating the air freshener game with premium scented, cleverly designed air fresheners designed to become a statement piece. 

Not to say the trees don't work. Head on down to your local mass merchant and you'll find a massive forest of trees to choose from. Massively produced for a massive retailer at massive scale. 

Bel-Air Fresheners was created for the creators, doers, stand out from the crowders. Our designs are carefully crafted with premium scents that tie the story together and give our customers a chance to celebrate their style. 

The era of the same old, mundane air fresheners is over. 

We are all unique, and our air fresheners should be too! Whether you are looking for cute air fresheners, cool air fresheners or just a new air freshener for your car, is the place to start.